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Dr. John P. Lemmon is actually a Main Scientist at PNNL, in which he is major the initiatives to build State-of-the-art products and solid state electrochemical Vitality storage technologies. His research pursuits consist of comprehension cost transfer and storage mechanisms connected to basic period and micro and nanostructural Houses for apps in photo voltaic, sensors, and electrical Electricity storage supplies.

A synergistic effect between layer area configurations and K ions of potassium vanadate nanowires for Improved Vitality storage overall performance

High capacity and cycling steadiness of poly(diaminoanthraquinone) being an organic and natural cathode for rechargeable lithium batteries

The transfer conduct of various ions throughout anion and cation exchange membranes underneath vanadium flow battery medium

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Functionality enhancement of iron-chromium redox circulation batteries by using interdigitated circulation fields

Steel–natural and organic framework derived porous CuO/Cu 2 O composite hollow octahedrons as high functionality anode products for sodium ion batteries

Towards high-Electrical power and sturdy lithium-ion batteries local seo easy through atomic layer deposition: elegantly atomic-scale material design and surface area modification

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Circulation distribution and greatest latest density experiments in redox circulation batteries with just one passage with the serpentine movement channel

Heteroaromatic natural compound with conjugated multi-carbonyl as cathode substance for rechargeable lithium batteries

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Hierarchical carbon nanocages confining high-loading sulfur for high-rate lithium–sulfur batteries

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